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Creativity is a "state of mind" reflected in our organization and work process, an open environment where Production, QA, R&D & Management & marketing exchange and share ideas.

Assisted by the most sensitive research and marketing techniques, we create innovative and commercially successful fine fragrances absolutes/oils for our clients, the world’s leading manufacturers of fragrance, beauty products and Aromatherapy practitioners.

By observing society and culture, we lead the evolution of trends across a range of markets in order to leverage the opportunities for new creative solutions.

Extraction of fragrances from the flowers is very delicate process. Due to our vast experience in the extraction of edible oils and combined with expertise design we have designed a highly sensitive technology to preserve the subtle fragrances of the flowers. Hence in order to preserve the natural aroma of the flower we are manufacturing the concrete of the flower and Absolute from the concrete by using a highly temperature sensitive technique. Due to this technique our product retains the 100 % natural fragrance of the flower. But the technique used by our competitors is very crude. The concrete & absolutes is processed at high temperatures. Due to this some of the delicate natural fragrances of the flowers get damaged in the process.

We always search for innovative new methods to capture the essences of Mother Nature and turn them into exciting and beneficial fragrance experiences for our customers.

We take utmost care right from the procurement of the flower to manufacturing. Finally the end products are stored in cold storage room. We use food grade solvent for the manufacture the products.

We are supplying our products to many Leading Companies in International Market from different fields and we have capacity to cater the needs of our buyers with motto of Quality Material at Competitive Prices on right time at Customers door step. These policies make us very popular name amongst our buyers and we are getting continuous support and Trust of our buyers.

To lead the evolution of the market, where companies are brutally competing for market share, A.M. Aromatic team are able to bring global solutions and offer creative ideas by offering its best natural ingredients to make your fine fragrances & quality perfumes at competitive costs.

Due to our indefatigable effort for quality we provide the customers with 100% -natural fragrances. We provide the best services to our customers.

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