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We have designed to manufacture hydro distilled absolute oil by the name “Floral Oils”. We call it as “secretion oils” because it is a pure aromatic compound, unfettered with waxes and pigments, which very closely mirrors in composition the original composition flowing from the osmophorous glands of the plant. These osmophores are the source of botanical aromatic production.

In contrast to the production of absolute oils as described by Arctander, the hydro distillation process through which Secretion are liberated skips the middle step of washing the concrete with alcohol. Although by different extraction processes, the absolute oil and the secretion both reveal the heart of the original pure fragrance.

Keep in minds that because the waxes and pigments have been removed from the floral oils that it is clear without color (unlike absolutes). Understand also that the resulting extreme density of aromatic molecules results in an extreme fragrance intensity because of the removal of the masking/spacing effect of the waxes. This is analogous to a neutron star’s extreme weight density after losing its electrons and protons.

From a molecular perspective, an floral oils is virtually the primordial fragrance of an aromatic plant. In a poetic sense, an floral oils is the DNA aroma, with no coating of waxes and pigments. This understanding is an invitation to contemplate the soul of the plants in a new light.

A.M.Aromatic & Essential oils has created the most pure floral oils of Jasmines, Tuberose & Rose. These are distilled in Glass vessels.

Pure Flower Oils Compared To Absolutes- by Mr.Ramakant Harlaka

Economically if we take yield in account then hydro-distilled oil may be more than 3-4 times expensive than absolute so no one may prefer to purchase same because of high cost. However one should bear in mind that odor is mainly provided by volatile component only and wax or stereoptin only act as fixative or some time synergieser.

Thus as general rule hydro-distilled oil from flower may be 3 to 4 time more powerful than absolute from same flower. This has been clearly mentioned in Arctender vol.3 where he also agreed that due to economic reason hydro-distilled flower oils were not common item of commerce in those days but seeing renewed interest in power of flower for healing same can be item of future.

References –Mr. Ramakant Harlaka,
Mr. Jack Chaitman- USA
Arctender Vol-3

The history of natural attars is very much associated to the history of India. India has been known for natural attars from the Mughal period or even earlier when aroma bearing substances like Jasmine, Rose, Sandal, Musk, Saffron were used as such (without isolation of odorous principles) and the range of such materials and essential oils were further enriched during the Mughal period, when new plants were brought by the Mughals from Central Asia to this country. This leads to discovery and development of process for the preparation of attar from Roses by Noorjahan, the Mughal queen. This was the beginning of the natural attars in India, which developed and progressed in and around Kannauj and is quite strong even now. Floral Attars may be defined as the distillates obtained by the hydro distillation of flowers in Sandalwood Oil.
The attars were manufactured traditionally ‘Daighs & Bhapkas system’, which is a hydro distillation process. The still is heated form below by lighting a fire with the help of wood or cow dung. The temperature and speed of the distillations are controlled by regulating the fire. These are all direct fire heated stills and their capacities can range from 10-160 kilos of floral/herbal materials. The attar manufacturing for floral type takes place in remote places because the flowers are required to be processed quickly after plucking. Due to this inconsistency many attar manufacturers in Kannauj started adulterating their Attars by using the base material as like DOP, DEP, Paraffin, synthetic chemicals etc

As we are leading manufacturer of floral extracts and Sandalwood oil, we started manufacturing Attars with our self designed instruments by condensing the vapors of our pure 100% natural floral oils with pure Sandalwood oil as base in glass vessels. We have designed a highly delicate process to manufacture Attars by using a highly temperature sensitive technique. Due to this technique our product retains the 100 % natural fragrance of the flower. This is the modern method which we have designed specially to manufacture the attars and we also blend floral absolute oils in the pure sandalwood oil depending upon the needs and requirements of our customers. We manufacture Attars like

i.) Gulab ex Rosa damascena or Rosa Edword, (ii) Deh-nl-oudh-ex agarwood (iii) Motia ex Jasminum sambac (iv) Gulhina ex lawsonia inermis (v) Chameli ex Jasminum grandiflorum (vi) Rajnigandha ex Tuberose vii) Kewra ex Pandanus odoratissimus viii) Kesar-saffron etc.,
The Indian attars in the past has been utilized by elite class of the society particularly kinds & queens on their body. With the span of time kingdoms got abolished and hence the kings & queens. Now it is majorly used in Middle East and also some parts of USA & Europe. It is used by people as a personal perfume, particularly by Muslims due to absence of alcohol.
In ancient times, the people used plants and herbs to cure numerous diseases and afflictions; in reality modern pharmacopeia’s uses the natural plant and herbs of our earth in the elaboration of the medicines, tonics and all matter of prescribed and over the counter drugs we use.

Today; Natural medicine in its simplest form is less risky and more economical to Aleve the pains and sufferings humans have that don’t require surgery.

Since India is a major country in cultivating the number of Herbs and aromatic plants. The cultivation of these herbs are depends upon the Soil condition, climate and many other geographic conditions. India is having wide variety of soils ranging from rich loams to poor late rite and having warm humid climate with plenty of sunshine and huge rainfalls.

In view of this reward, India is playing major role in the Global market in export of many herb, extracts, essential oils, aromatic oils, floral extracts etc.,

History of Aromatherapy
The history of the use of aromatic oils on the body goes back at least 2,000 years before Christ. There are records in the bible of the use of plants and their oils, both in treatment of illness and for religious purpose. The Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans, who brought the idea to Great Britain, used them over the centuries. The earliest written record of their use in England was in the thirteenth century, and from that time a great increase was shown both in oils produced and treatments carried out.
What is Aromatherapy?
”Aromatherapy is the inhalation and application of volatile essential oils from aromatic plants to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being”
It is the therapeutic use of odoriferous substances obtained from flowers, plants and aromatic shrubs. Not only can it be used to treat and cure illness effectively but perhaps even more importantly it can also help to prevent us losing good health in the first place.
The primary form of aromatherapy application involves using essential oils in the following ways:

   Topically to the skin via massage, diluted in carrier oil.
  Aromatic baths.

Essential oils work in harmony with the body to normalize and balance. They produce certain effects that we can count on, but can also adapt to the needs of different people. Used for their undisputed anti-microbial and antiseptic effects, essential oils are not only less toxic than synthetic antibiotics but also support life (eubiotic) by working with the body's own natural healing abilities (thru which the only true healing occurs). Certain oils, such as Roman chamomile, have cytophylactic (cell regeneration), antiseptic, and wound healing effects as well as anti-fungal and anti-inflammative properties making them the ultimate active principles for holistic natural skin-care.

There are approximately 300 essential oils. These highly concentrated substances are solvent extracted, distilled or expressed from aromatic herbs, flowers, and trees. Essential oils are chemically complex and contain hormone-like properties, as well as vitamins, minerals, and natural antiseptics.

It is believed that the essential oil aroma activates the "pharmacy" within our brains. The neurochemicals, such as serotonin and endorphins, are the message that our brain uses to communicate with our body. Essential oils & Absolutes mobilizes self-healing powers and directly affect many psychological and physiological processes. They are intended to complement medical care.

Uses range from curing headaches, easing stress, and stimulating sluggish circulation to treating respiratory ailments and ridding your dog of fleas. They come in a convenient form and are extremely versatile for E.g.; A few drops of lavender in an ointment can be used to treat a burn or headache. When properly administered, these oils produce none of the harmful side effects found in chemicals.
Money-wise, aromatherapy can cut your health care and cosmetic bills.
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