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AM specializes in manufacture of floral extracts that are used by the industries which produces fragrances, flavors, cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, incense sticks and aromatherapy. We take pride in what we offer our clients and sell pure floral concretes, absolutes & essential oils and also we are working on Essential oil blends.

Our Major products in floral concretes and absolutes.

Tuberose (Polyanthes Tuberosa)

Tuberose is an exotic flower variety. Its fragrances are very exotic, delicate and sensational. The mysterious aroma of tuberose uplifts our soul and brings sublime peace to our mind. Tuberose Absolute is prepared from flowers which are picked immediately before they have opened; Tuberose flower is one of the flowers which continue to exude perfume long after it has been removed from the plant. The absolute is a deep orange with a voluptuous sweet and heady fragrance. Tuberose represents sensuality and is used in magical aromatherapy for its ability to open the heart and calm the nerves, restoring joy, peace and harmony. It is also believed to protect one's energy and personal boundaries as it embraces the one who wears it.

Jasmine Sambac

India's Moonlight of the Grove

Jasmine exquisitely captures our inner sublime emotions. When the aroma of the flower is inhaled, it blossoms our heart and soul in a most elegant and succinct way. Hence it adorns the crown of India’s aroma. It is a valuable remedy in cases of severe depression. It soothes the nerves and produces a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria. It revitalizes and restores energy. Jasmine is a very valuable oil and is used for severe depression, for childbirth, sexual problems, on the respiratory tract, for muscle pain and for toning the skin

Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute (India)

The name Jasmine is derived from the Persia 'yasmin' delicate intoxicating, euphoric floral essence. The flowers are harvested before dawn so the delicate aroma won't evaporate in the sun. Warming and relaxing to the body. Heightens sensual awareness. Renowned for enhancing love and joy, Jasmine is a reputed aphrodisiac. Jasmine is also known to encourage self-confidence and optimism. Use with a light touch. . The Chinese, Arabians and Indians used Jasmine medicinally, as an aphrodisiac and for ceremonial purposes. Jasmine Absolute can be used as blended massage oil or diluted in the bath for: addiction, postnatal depression, relaxation, muscle pain, coughs, tension, stress and nervousness.

The Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus Absolute these are the first Lotus Absolutes that are genuine. These Lotuses are grown for ceremonial use in temples in genuine lotus ponds found in the back country of Southern India. The chakras of the body are visualized in meditation as different petaled lotuses. The pink lotus gently opens emotional knots of the heart. A lovely delicate fragrance. This is the real thing, tested in several analytical labs.

White Lotus absolute

A lovely delicate fragrance. These are the first Lotus Absolutes that are genuine. These Lotus are grown for ceremonial use in temples in genuine lotus ponds found in the back country of Southern India. The White Lotus absolute will help to find the healing power from the soul and self esteem and confidence. This is the real thing, tested in several analytical labs.

Michelia champaka

Michelia champaka, a large tree with fragrant, light yellow flowers, grown around temples. A type of jasmine. It is used in perfumes, aromatherapy, cosmetics, fragrances, etc and in medicinal for gastritis, chronic arthritis , emmenagogue, diuretic, colic.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the highly concentrated volatile extract of flowers herbs, grasses, shrubs and trees. These tiny droplets are present in particular glands, hairs or specific structures of the plant and contain some (but not all) of the active principles of the plant. Similar to herbal therapy principles, essential oils are phytochemicals with particular biological properties. Non-oily in texture, these highly concentrated substances are obtained by steam distillation, peel pressure, and solvent extraction methods. Only the utmost quality of essential oils should be used in aromatherapy. It is used in perfumery, cosmetic, fragrance, aromatherapy, soaps and flavor industries. We manufacture some of the essential oils like, sandalwood, Lemongrass, Davana, Etc., and also wherever possible we source our oils directly from the essential oil distiller, or failing that from as close to the distiller or grower as possible. Our relationships with local producers are very important, but if needs be, we can purchase very effectively from the open market. Our customers thus benefit from the most competitive prices. There is no compromise on quality either - we operate strict quality control from our extensive laboratory facility.”

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