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Floral Oils- “Secretion oils

Floral Oils are manufactured from Flowers and floral concretes by Hydro distillation method; it is a pure aromatic compound, unfettered with waxes and pigments, which very closely mirrors in composition the original composition flowing from the osmophorous glands of the plant. These osmophores are the source of botanical aromatic production. It is used for fine fragrances and luxurious Attars and cosmetics.

Product Code Product Name Botanical name
AMAHYD-01 Jasmine Jasminum sambac
AMAHYD-02 Jasmine Jasmine Grandiflorum
AMAHYD-03 Jasmine ~ Juuhi Jasminum auriculatum
AMAHYD-04 Tuberose Polianthes tuberosa
AMAHYD-05 Champaca Michelia champaca
AMAHYD-06 Rose, Edward Rosa bourbonia
AMAHYD-07 Rose, Rosa Damascena
AMAHYD-08 Osmanthus  
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