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About Us

   Quality Assurance

Every body preaches quality but only few ensure Quality. We are the one among the best to ensure our Products. Our main aim is to provide 100% natural Fragrance to our customers. We take utmost care right from the procurement of the raw materials down to the storage of the finished products. We perform Quality test at all stages. Hence our thirst for quality products and to Introduce new products never ends.

"Our only competition is Nature because we believe; next to nature we do it the best. Our range is our Tribute to Mother Nature."

A.M. Aromatic has always been attentive to market trends, satisfying special and standardized customer and processing industry requirements, making an optimum "quality/price" ratio a characteristic feature of its service

Integrated criteria characterize the quality system, which basically aims to:

Provide purchasers with advice about the most suitable quality standards for the products they require, so that the quality/price ratio is appropriately scaled.

Guarantee supply continuity, in terms of quality standards.

Handle urgent demands as effectively as possible, in terms of delivery and availability of materials that are hard to find.

Arrange for analytical controls in line with the basic needs and be able to extend the controls themselves to higher levels, when the type of supply so requires.

Meet expectations in terms of the quality of the products being supplied and promote constant improvements in the physical and chemical standards of genuineness and purity

We are more than willing to foster and develop new products and services for our customers. As a rule, the quality of raw materials and end products distributed is checked through conventional (traditional chemical and physical characteristics, statistical sensory testing, gas chromatographic analysis) and very shortly we are going to have testing of non-conventional methods (mass spectrometry and others) whilst trusting the task at the same time to in-house processes for the qualification of suppliers of products used in the processing/compounding of semi-finished products. To achieve this, A.M.Aromatic uses its own analytical apparatus although thanks to research agreements with delegated Institutions, it also has the most advanced instruments and analytical technologies at its disposal.

The general focus of our research is on new products, offering better performance at the lowest cost: products that are innovative, environmentally friendly and safe. A.M. has introduced the Aromatherapy Blends from natural essential oils. A.M. has created blends like Relaxation, Mediation, Stress relief, Happiness, invigoration, sensuality etc.

Our Mission

Earning the highest level of respect from our customers, employees, suppliers and community.
Working together as a team, we are confident that we will realize our mission and continue to achieve exceptional growth as these commitments are met.
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