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A.M. Aromatic & Essential Oils
A.M.Aromatic & Essential Oils a 100% Export Oriented Unit whose main area of business is floral extraction as Concretes, Absolutes, Attars and Steam Distillation of essential oils Especially Sandalwood oil and also other essential oils, Carrier/vegetable oils to cater the customers who manufacture perfumes, fragrances, flavors, Attars, aroma candles, cosmetics, soaps. AM creates the unique and exclusive Essential oils blends to capture the most sophisticated aromatherapy practitioners.

A.M.Aromatic flower plant is equipped with the latest technology to preserve the delicate fragrances of flowers and this technology is nowhere adapted in whole of India for the production of fine fragrances

A.M. Aromatic is major Distiller of Sandalwood oil in South India by latest techniques in steam distillation and art of making Divine Attars based pure Sandalwood oil.

Fragrance as Art

A.M.Aromatic is the place where technology and creativity touch to redefine the art of perfumery and fragrances by its exotic floral products like floral oils and absolutes. We manufacture floral oils by Hydro-distillation which extracts the purest odorant materials from natural flowers. There is nothing ordinary about the aromatic tour de forces created here. Every thing is fervently produced with a nouveau approach to the craft of fine fragrances resulting in truly separate, trendsetting fragrances & oils.

Being working with the fine concretes and absolutes, we have designed to manufacture hydro distilled absolute oil by the name “Floral Oils”. We call it as secretion oils because it is a pure aromatic compound, unfettered with waxes and pigments, which very closely mirrors in composition the original composition flowing from the osmophorous glands of the plant. These osmophores are the source of botanical aromatic production.

A.M.Aromatic has produced the “Indian divine Attars” with its self designed instruments with a highly delicate process to manufacture Attars by using a highly temperature sensitive technique. Due to this technique our product retains the 100 % natural fragrance of the flower. All our Attars are exported to Middle East and all over the World

Sophisticated Creative Lab at Hejjala, a premium Industrial Area, in Bangalore-Mysore Highway to develop fragrances with an edge.

State of the art blending and production facility.

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